Col is a Master Instructor with 35 years of experience teaching and practicing Pilates.


" I am so grateful to have careers doing what I love. Teaching Pilates, dancing,  and performing gave me profound joy and fulfillment.  Teaching Pilates enables me to help others lead more fulfilling lives."



Col  was born and raised in the midwest. She has a Bachelor's Degree in Dance and a Bachelor's Degree in Economics. After college, she moved to New York, where she perfomed, taught and choreographed. She began practicing Pilates in the eighties (yes, the 1980's) in New York as a means of improving dance technique and rehabing injuries. 



Col began teaching Pilates in Manhattan in 1985, as an apprentice under Anna Mercer, a former student of Joseph Pilates. At that time, the only way a person was allowed to teach Pilates was to become an apprentice under another Instructor trained by Joseph Pilates. Colleen left New York in the late 80's and opened four studios in the midwest, where she taught and choreographed for 13 years.


Col earned her first Pilates Certification under the direction of Rise Karns in Fairfield, Iowa. Rise Karns is a former Programing Instructor for STOTT PILATESTM  and appeared in many of the original Pilates training videos.


Col continually upgrades her Certification and Training, accumulating thousands of hours of specialty training. Those thousands of hours include Injuries and Special Populations, Athletic Conditioning on the Reformer, Stability Chair and V2Max, Pilates for Equestrians, Pilates for Golf, Post-Natal Conditioning, and TRX to name a few.










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